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©The Marquess of Salisbury,
Hatfield House


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Five major errors in this 1000 word text render this account of the lefthand section of the much damaged Gloucestershire tapestry almost useless.

It was not Ralph Sheldon who set up the tapestry works – his father laid out plans PROB 11/53/79.

Only two of the Elizabethan tapestries were re-woven in simplified versions in the seventeenth century.

They were not commissioned by Ralph’s grandson (who was not called Edward) but by his great grandson, Ralph ‘the Great’ d. 1684 whose arms are in the Oxfordshire tapestry.

The Elizabethan tapestries, sections of which are now in the Bodleian, are not identifiable in the 1781 sale of the contents of Weston House; the ones which were sold on that occasion are those with picture frame borders – Oxfordshire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire.

Finally, when complete, the panorama presented by the four tapestries together extended into Kent, shown on the Oxfordshire tapestry; it did not end at London.


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