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Complete List of tapestries so-called

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For further details download the complete annotated list (pdf file)

1. The Maps

1.1 Warwickshire, Warwickshire Museum, Warwick



1.2. Worcestershire, Bodleian Library, University of Oxford


1.3. Oxfordshire, Bodleian Library, University of Oxford, and 1.3.1a,b, Victoria and Albert Museum, London


1.4. Gloucestershire

1.4.1 Section, lower right hand corner with border, Private Collection

1.4.2 Section, lower right, centred on the Bristol Channel, Bodleian Library, University of Oxford



1.4.3a,b Two fragments, Bodleian Library University of Oxford



2. Judah and Tamar

2.1 Judah goes to Timnath, Private Collection

2.2 Judah gives his staff and bracelets, Aston Hall, Birmingham

2.3 Judah recognizes his staff and bracelets, whereabouts unknown

2.4 The Birth of Pharez and Zarah, Burrell Collection Glasgow, 47.20


3.0. The Judgement of Paris, (also titled Paris gives the Golden Apple)

Victoria and Albert Museum, London, T. 310-1920



4. Tapestry hangings at Sudeley Castle, Winchcombe, Gloucestershire


5. Arms of Walter Jones and his wife, Burrell Collection, Glasgow, 47.21


6. Arms of Sacheverell, V&A T.195-1914 and Burrell Collection, Glasgow, 47.17

6a. Victoria and Albert Museum, London, T.195-1914


6b. Burrell Collection, Glasgow, 47.17


7. Abraham and Isaac

7.1 Abraham entertaining the Angels, whereabouts unknown

7.1.1 Frau Budge sale, Paul Graupe, Berlin 27-29 September 1937, 437, illus. whereabouts unknown

7.2.1 The Expulsion of Hagar, Parke-Bernet, New York , 6 March 1948, lot 64

7.3.1 Sacrifice of Isaac, Private Collection

7.3.2 Listed Archaeologia 78, plate xlix, fig.3

7.3.3 Private collection, similar to above

7.3.4 The sacrifice of Isaac, Burrell Collection Glasgow, 47.15

Variant presentation, small size, same theme

7.3.5 Metropolitan Museum, New York, 64.101.1282, Standen 1985


7.3.6 Sacrifice of Isaac, Private Collection

7.3.7. Sotheby's London, 4.3.1927, lot 76, Archaeologia 78; pl xli, fig.2

7.4.1 Isaac meeting Rebecca, paired with 7.3.1, Private Collection

7.4.2 Burrell Collection Glasgow, 47.16

7.5.1 Hagar comforted by an Angel, Burrell Collection Glasgow, 47.18


8. Susanna and the Elders

8.1-6. Susanna and the Elders, Burrell Collection, Glasgow, 47.9-14

8.1 Susanna on her way to the bath, Burrell Collection, Glasgow , 47.9

Similar Tapestries

8.1.1. Burrell Collection, Glasgow, 47.6

8.2 Susanna at her bath, Burrell Collection 47.10

8.3 Susanna before the Judge, Burrell Collection, Glasgow, 47.12

Similar Tapestries

8.3.1. Burrell Collection, Glasgow, 47.5

8.4 Susanna led to Execution, Burrell Collection, Glasgow, 47.11

Similar Tapestries

8.4.1. Private collection. Identical vertical borders suggest a link with 8.1. 1 and 8.6.1

8.4.2. Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Stratford on Avon, SBT-1993-31/304b
Possibly related to 8.7.2, which has a similar border.

8.5 The Elders before Daniel, Burrell Collection, Glasgow, 47.13

Similar Tapestries

8.5.1. Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Stratford on Avon, SBT 1993-31/304a
associated with 8.4.2, reversed from 8.5 above.

8.5.2. The Antiquarian, September 1931, whereabouts unknown. Reverse presentation from 8.5.

8.5.3. Burrell Collection 47.7

8.6 The Stoning of the Elders, Burrell Collection, Glasgow, 47.14

Similar Tapestries

8.6.1. The Oak and Country Sale, Sotheby's Olympia, April 27 2004, Lot 43, illus. Framed and glassed. Present whereabouts unknown

8.6.2. Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, Mallett Coll WA1947-299

8.6.3. Burrell Collection, Glasgow 47.8

8.7 Variant Presentations: combined scenes

8.7. Scenes 1,2,3, private collection
H.C. Marillier Tapestry Subject Catalogue, Fiche 204, card 82

8.7.1 Variant version, ex Frau Budge, illus. Archaeologia 78 , pl xlii, fig 2, present whereabouts unknown

8.7.2 Susanna, first three scenes, ex-Hedingham Castle
Associated with 8.6.2, illus Archaeologia 78, plate xliii, fig.2

8.8 Variant 2

8.8 Private collection, Scenes 1,2
Sold as scenes from the story of David and Bathsheba, Wilkinsons, Doncaster, 23 February 2004, lot 240, illus

8.9 Variant 3. Single scenes, possibly once associated in the same tapestry

8.9.1: Susanna going to the bath, private collection
Associated with 8.9.3 below

8.9.2 Susanna at the bath, private collection

8.9.3 Susanna before the Judge, private collection
Associated with 8.9.1 above


9. Judith with the head of Holofernes

9.1 Judith, her maid and the head of Holofernes, under an arcade, private collection
Monogram : C R / I

Similar Tapestries:

9.1.1 The central section with very similar details, some reversed, is now in a private collection. Bears the monogram W/ E M

9.2 Judith, her maid and the head of Holofernes, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, T.273-1927


9.3 Judith alone, private collection

Similar Tapestries:

9.3.1 A tapestry similar to 9.3; Burlington Magazine, 51, no.352 July1932, p.3

9.4 Judith, maid and the head of Holofernes, Metropolitan Museum, New York, illustrated Standen, ii, no.12
Inscription : Si Deus nobiscum / Quis contra nos


Similar Tapestries

9.4.1 Burrell Collection, Glasgow, 47.23
Inscription : Si Deus nobiscum / Quis contra nos

9.4.2. Packwood House, Warwickshire, National Trust

9.4.3 National Needle Museum, Redditch


10.0 Scenes from the Life of Joseph

10.1.1 Three scenes, Nash's House, Stratford on Avon, SBT 1993-31/299; Joseph sold into captivity, escapes Potiphar's bed, before Pharoah

10. 1.2 Joseph sold into Captivity, Private Collection

10. 2.1 Joseph's Dream, Private Collection

10.2.2 Joseph's Dream, Private Collection

10.3.1 Joseph embraces Benjamin, American Art Association, Anderson Art Gallery Inc.New York 21-15 October 1930, lot 970. Present whereabouts unknown


11. Tobias and the Angel

11.1 Tobias and the Angel, Parham House, Sussex

11.1.1 A virtually identical tapestry, Private Collection11.2.1. Tobias taking leave of his father; Tobias and Sara pray for children
Known only from illustrations, Archaeologia 78, plate, xlix

11.3.1 Tobias and Sara praying
Known only from illustrations, Archaeologia 78 , plate, xlix


12. The Prodigal Son

12.1 Society of Antiquaries Newcastle upon Tyne, Museum of the North, six scenes, unusual presentation on strips

Similar Tapestries:

12.2.1 The Prodigal's Farewell to his father, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, T.1-1933


12.2.2 Sold Christie's London 11 December 1980, lot 153, illus. present whereabouts unknown

12.2.3. Colour illustrated in E. Sachs, International Studio, vol. 94, 79-80; present whereabouts unknown

12.2.4 Listed in the Frau Budge sale, Paul Graupe Berlin 1937 lot 438, present whereabouts unknown

12. 3.1 Riotous Living

Known only in 12.1; no similar tapestries in Sheldon style 12.4.1 The Expulsion, Cooper-Hewitt Museum, New York, 1950-13-1

Similar tapestries:

12.4.2. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York , 54.7.6


12.5.1 Repentance, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 54.7.


Similar Tapestries

12.5.2. Henry Barton Jacobs sale, Parke-Bernet Galleries New York, 10-12 December 1940, lot 842, illus.; present whereabouts unknown

12.6.1 The Return of the Prodigal Son, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, Mallett WA1947-298

Similar Tapestries

12.6.2. Henry Barton Jacobs sale, Parke-Bernet Galleries New York, 10-12 December 1940, lot 842, illus.; present whereabouts unknown

12.7.1 Feasting the Prodigal, Society of Antiquaries, Newcastle upon Tyne. See 12.0

Similar tapestries

12.7.2. Private collection, possibly one of the Partridge set, Archaeologia 78, 304

12.8 Variant Presentation as three scenes - 2,3,4 - combined
Two longer cushions, each showing the second, third and fourth scenes, are known only from illustrations.

12.8.1. Christie's London 11 December 1980, lot 154, present whereabouts unknown

12.8.2. Goebel, III, ii, 125(b) present whereabouts unknown


13. The Nativity

13.1 Adoration of the Magi, Fenton House, Hampstead, National Trust

Similar Tapestries:

13.1.2 Known only from a photograph in the Getty Study Collection, present whereabouts unknown

3.1.3 A variation showing two scenes within the same borders, the Adoration of the Shepherds and of the Kings, is illustrated by Goebel, III, ii, 125 (a)


14. The Annunciation, Adoration of Shepherds and the Kings; the Flight into Egypt

14.1 Annunciation, Adoration of the Shepherds and of the Kings, Metropolitan Museum, New York, 50.145.56, Standen 1985, ii, 685


14.2 Large Flight into Egypt, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, T.191-1926


14.2.1 The Flight into Egypt, Victoria and Albert Museum , London , T.85-1913


15. Circumcision

The Circumcision, Metropolitan Museum, New York, 64.101.1281, Standen 1985, ii, 694



16. Christ and the Woman of Samaria

Victoria and Albert Museum, London, T.86-1913


17. The Cleansing of the Temple, Private Collection


18. The Virtues

18.1 Faith, Hope and Charity, Lady Lever Art Gallery, Port Sunlight, LLAG 4234
Illus Lucy Wood, The Upholstered Furniture in the Lady Lever Art Gallery, 2008, Cat.14.

Similar Tapestries:

18.1.2 Burrell Collection, Glasgow, 47.19

18.1.3. Charity as a single figure, Present whereabouts unknown.
illustrated Archaeologia 78, plate xlviii, fig 2

18.1.4. Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, 82.24

18.2 Temperance, Lady Lever Art Gallery, Port Sunlight, LL 4234

18.3 Justice, Lady Lever Art Gallery, Port Sunlight, LL 4234

Similar Tapestries:

18.3.1. Archaeologia 78, plate xlviii, fig 2

18.4 Prudence, Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, 82.23

18.5 a,b,c, Faith, Hope, Charity, National Museums of Scotland, Edinburgh, A.1926.213, and A.1926.213, a,b,
Burlington Magazine , vol li, July 1927, no 292, 25-6, illus.

18.5a Hope, A.1926.213 (A)

Similar Tapestries : see above, 18.1

18.5b Faith, A.1926 .213 (B)

18.5c Charity, A.1926.213

Similar Tapestries:

18.5.1 Charitas, Private Collection
Getty Photographic Collection

See also above 18.1, 18.1.1

19. Hunters

19.1 Lone Huntsman, Burrell Collection, Glasgow, 47.24

Similar Tapestries

19.2 Huntsman, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, T.645 - 1993
A similar depiction seen also on 12.1 and on 19.3

19.3 The Huntsman, private collection


20. Squirrel

Private Collection
No details; carries inscription, The Gift is Small, Good will is All


21. The Griffin tapestry

The Barber Institute, Birmingham, on display Chastleton House, Oxfordshire.
Inscription: EXON OYK EXOMAI

22. The valance

Victoria and Albert Museum, T.117-1934


23 The hart lives, private collection

whereabouts unknown
Christie's South Kensington 23 November 2005, lot 3, illus
Inscription: The hart lives/where it loves.


24. The Four Seasons, Hatfield House, Hertfordshire

Commissioned by Sir John Tracy of Toddington, Glos. Carries arms Tracy/Shirley; Woven date of 1611; zodiac signs for appropriate season; unusual borders inspired by illustrations to emblem books

Mark : Bruges 1600-1610 on Spring and Winter


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