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1. Biography & Epitaph of William Sheldon c.1500 - 1570

2. Biography & Epitaph of Ralph Sheldon c.1537, d.1613

3. Richard Hyckes, (?) 1524-1621 - a biography

4. Francis Hyckes, (?) 1566- 1631 - a biography

5. Which Henry Sacheverell ordered the tapestries showing his arms ?

6. Émigré weavers in London 1558-1619

This section provides as much biographical material as is currently known about the 125 'stranger' weavers resident, for shorter or longer periods, in the capital. Arranged in three categories - those who worked for the Queen in the Great Wardrobe, those who set up independently, and others where phonetic spelling leaves it uncertain whether they were tapestry or arras weavers or makers of gold lace (orris, orrice).

6.1. Arras Workers in the Great Wardrobe

6.2. Men working independently

6.3. Orris or Arris workers

6.4. Emigre weavers in London: people and products

7. Disentangling the threads - The Warwickshire Sheldon tapestry map

8. Annotated list of tapestries

9. Tapestries once at Chastleton House and their influence on the tapestries called Sheldon

10. Tapestry strips depicting the Prodigal Son

11. Working Arras and Arras Workers

12. Finding the Weavers

13. William Willington (?) 1480-155 – a biography

14. Walter Jones of Witney, Worcester and Chastleton: rewriting the past

15. Elizabethan Sheldon Tapestries Reviewed

16. The seventeenth-century Oxfordshire 'Sheldon' tapestry map

17. An early map of Brailes: “Fit Symbolographie”?

18. Ralph Sheldon of Beoley and Weston (1537-1613): cloaked in conformity?

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